Wriggle vs. Wiggle

By Jaxson

  • Wriggle (verb)

    To twist one’s body to and fro with short, writhing motions; to squirm.

    “Teachers often lose their patience when children wriggle in their seats.”

  • Wriggle (verb)

    To cause to or make something wriggle.

    “He was sitting on the lawn, wriggling his toes in the grass.”

  • Wriggle (noun)

    A wriggling movement.

  • Wiggle (verb)

    To move with irregular, back and forward or side to side motions; To shake or jiggle.

    “Her hips wiggle as she walks.”

    “The jelly wiggles on the plate when you move it.”

  • Wiggle (noun)

    A rapid movement in alternating opposite directions, not necessarily regular.

    “She walked with a sexy wiggle.”

  • Wiggle (noun)

    An alternating state or characteristic.

  • Wiggle (noun)

    See wiggles.


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