Difference between Petrol and Diesel Engine

Main Difference The main difference between petrol and a diesel engine is the way they work and Use their fuels.  What happens in a petrol engine is that at first the fuel is mixed with air, then pistons compresses it and after compression it is ignited by spark plugs. On the other hand in a […]

Difference between JSP and Servlet

Main Difference Java has been an understood name with regards to programming that are utilized as a part of web advancement. Amid the time when the static substance was no sufficiently more and more designers started searching for approaches to produce a dynamic substance, Java discharged the Servlet which is more similar to a system […]

Difference between Karate and Taekwondo

Main Difference Karate and taekwondo are two types of martial arts. There are many differences between karate and taekwondo. The main difference between karate and taekwondo is that Karate is a Japanese martial art that equally emphasis on punching, kicking, elbow strikes, knife hands, spear hands, palm heel strikes and knee strikes. While taekwondo is […]

Difference between Cold-Blooded and Warm-Blooded Animals

Main Difference Cold-blooded animals’ rest stages are depicted in science as hibernation. Winter rest in warm places which may last the entire span of winter. Also,  aestivation that is the creature naps in cold or possibly shady spots. Warm-blooded animals, in contrast, don’t have such stages. There are a couple of special cases to the last […]

Difference between JPEG and PNG

Main Difference Once we maintain constructing an older image technology, varieties of file formats continue to keep build-up, because of their own technicalities and uses. JPG, PNG, and GIF are becoming the most typical, what sets them besides one another? These types became the most common due to their matchups with current browsers, broadband internet […]

Difference between JPG and JPEG

Main Difference The terminology of the JPEG means the Joint Photographic Expert Group while from the term of the JPG we mean the jay-peg. The file extension that is used for a JPEG image is .jpg or .jpeg. Computers treat either format (“.jpg” or “.jpeg”) as the same type of file. There is no essential […]

Difference between Pyramids and Prisms

Main Difference A pyramid gets defined as a structure that has a triangular or square base and sides that have slopes at either end that fall from the top and connect with the base. A prism gets defined as a firm geometrical shape that has two ends that have a similar structure in length and […]

Difference between PlayStation and Xbox

Main Difference It is a big reality that the gaming industry is going to be enhanced day by day and when the topic of gaming console is discussed, the two famous names come into our mind known as PlayStation and Xbox. Here you will find the Difference between PlayStation and Xbox the main purpose of […]

Difference between Java and Perl

Main Difference Every time that you run Perl, in rough terms, it compiles the source code into the bytecode and then starts executing the bytecode. Javac compiles programs into bytecode, then Java runs the bytecode in the Java virtual machine. For basic operations, Java is generally more verbose than Perl. In Perl, hashes are defined very concisely while in […]

Difference between Jews and Christians

Main Difference Jews and Christians are two different nations based on their religious beliefs. Founder of Christianity was Jesus Christ (4 B.C – 30 A.D) and founder of Judaism was Abraham (1800 B.C). The main difference is the belief on Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the savior Messiah and son of God. […]