About Us

What is MainDifference?

MainDifference is a company with a world’s best-crowdsourced information that not only facilities your understanding of the topic, but it also enables you to understand the difference between two similar subjects.

Why MainDifference

We believe that making the right choices should be easier than it is today. We believe that this is possible with information that is unbiased, free, concise and easy to understand. Diffen aims to provide a one-stop-shop for such information.

Who We Are

We are a team of writers, editors, and experts that pride ourselves on making your life easier. We love to know about the new topics and we deliver the difference between two similar subjects for your lifecycle and cover the most important issues and events that impact you.


We believe that people want to help. So MainDifference, inspired by Wikipedia, Contributors edits and other popular open-source dictionaries is a wiki that anyone can edit. People want to share their experiences; for example, at Bieng vs Being, and help others make the right choices in daily life.

Facts and Opinions

When one is is faced with different choices, we are looking for unbiased information. We make it our goal to clearly define facts and avoid opinions. The crowd and moderators keeps content unbiased, fact-oriented and to the point.