Wobble vs. Wabble

By Jaxson

  • Wobble (noun)

    An unsteady motion.

    “The fat man walked down the street with a wobble.”

  • Wobble (noun)

    A tremulous sound.

    “There was a wobble on her high notes.”

  • Wobble (noun)

    A low-frequency oscillation sometimes used in dubstep

  • Wobble (verb)

    To move with an uneven or rocking motion, or unsteadily to and fro.

    “the Earth wobbles slowly on its axis;”

    “the jelly wobbled on the plate”

  • Wobble (verb)

    To tremble or quaver.

    “The soprano’s voice wobbled alarmingly.”

  • Wobble (verb)

    To vacillate in one’s opinions.

    “I’m wobbling between the Liberals and the Greens.”

  • Wobble (verb)

    To cause to wobble.

    “The boy wobbled the girl’s bike.”

  • Wabble (verb)

    wobble, move to and fro


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