Withdrawl vs. Withdrawal

By Jaxson

  • Withdrawl (noun)

    misspelling of withdrawal

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    Receiving from someone’s care what one has earlier entrusted to them. Usually refers to money.

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    A method of birth control which consists of removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation.

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    A type of metabolic shock the body undergoes when a substance, usually a toxin such as heroin, to which a patient is addicted is withheld. Sometimes used with the substance as modifier

    “heroin withdrawal”

    “nicotine withdrawal”

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    An act of withdrawing.

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    the action of withdrawing something

    “the withdrawal of legal aid”

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    an act of taking money out of an account.

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    the action of ceasing to participate in an activity

    “Italy’s withdrawal from NATO”

  • Withdrawal (noun)

    the process of ceasing to take an addictive drug.

Oxford Dictionary

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