Wise vs. Wize

By Jaxson

  • Wize

    Vize (Greek: Βιζύη, Bulgarian: Виза) is a town and district of Kırklareli Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. District’s governor is Savaş Ünlü, and the mayor is Sedat Balkı (MHP). In 2010 the population of the town was 12,196 and the district 29,153. The town’s distance to the province center is 56 km (35 mi). Vize is situated on the state road , which runs from Istanbul to Edirne through Kırklareli.

  • Wise (adjective)

    Showing good judgement or the benefit of experience.

    “Storing extra food for the winter was a wise decision.”

    “They were considered the wise old men of the administration.”

    “”It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish” – Aeschylus”

  • Wise (adjective)


    “Don’t get wise with me!”

  • Wise (adjective)

    Aware, informed.

    “Be careful, the boss is wise.”

  • Wise (verb)

    To become wise.

  • Wise (verb)

    Usually with “up”, to inform or learn.

    “Mo wised him up about his situation.”

    “”After Mo had a word with him, he wised up.”

  • Wise (verb)

    to instruct

  • Wise (verb)

    to advise; induce

  • Wise (verb)

    to show the way, guide

  • Wise (verb)

    to direct the course of, pilot

  • Wise (verb)

    to cause to turn

  • Wise (noun)

    Way, manner, method.

  • Wize (adjective)

    obsolete form of wise


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