Wean vs. Ween

By Jaxson

  • Wean

    Also, in Intensive Care Unit there is the term weaning from the ventilator

  • Ween

    Ween is an American alternative rock band formed in New Hope, Pennsylvania, in 1984 by childhood friends Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, better known by their respective stage names, Gene and Dean Ween. After meeting in a middle-school typing class, the two began playing music and immediately chose the name Ween as well as their Ramones-inspired pseudonyms. Ween performed as a duo backed by a Digital Audio Tape for the band’s first ten years of existence before expanding to a four- (and later five-) piece act. The band’s highest charting single is “Push th’ Little Daisies”, which was a hit in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

    While Ween is generally categorized as an alternative rock band, they are known for their highly eclectic catalog of songs inspired by funk, soul, country, gospel, prog, R&B, heavy metal, punk rock, and more. Despite never receiving much mainstream recognition, Ween developed a large, devoted cult following. After a 28-year run, Freeman quit the band in 2012, citing the need to focus on his alcohol and drug addiction issues.

    Ween reformed in late 2015 and is currently touring with no stated plans to release new recorded material.

  • Wean (verb)

    To cease giving milk to an offspring; to accustom and reconcile (a child or young animal) to a want or deprivation of mother’s milk; to take from the breast or udder.

    “The cow has weaned her calf.”

  • Wean (verb)

    To cease to depend on the mother for nourishment.

    “The kittens are finally weaning.”

  • Wean (verb)

    To cause to quit something to which one is addicted or habituated.

    “He managed to wean himself off heroin.”

  • Wean (verb)

    To cease to depend.

    “She is weaning from her addiction to tobacco.”

  • Wean (noun)

    A small child.

  • Ween (noun)

    Doubt; conjecture.

  • Ween (verb)

    To suppose, imagine; to think, believe.

  • Ween (verb)

    To expect, hope or wish.

  • Ween (verb)

    To weep or cry.

    “The boy’s mother weened day and night.”

  • Ween (verb)

    To lament.

  • Wean (verb)

    accustom (an infant or other young mammal) to food other than its mother’s milk.

  • Wean (verb)

    accustom (someone) to managing without something which they have become dependent on

    “the doctor tried to wean her off the sleeping pills”

  • Wean (verb)

    be strongly influenced by (something), especially from an early age

    “I was weaned on a regular diet of Hollywood fantasy”

  • Wean (noun)

    a young child.

  • Ween (verb)

    be of the opinion; think or suppose

    “he, I ween, is no sacred personage”

Oxford Dictionary

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