Waisting vs. Wasting

By Jaxson

  • Wasting

    In medicine, wasting, also known as wasting syndrome, refers to the process by which a debilitating disease causes muscle and fat tissue to “waste” away. Wasting is sometimes referred to as “acute malnutrition” because it is believed that episodes of wasting have a short duration, in contrast to stunting, which is regarded as chronic malnutrition. According to the latest UN estimates, an estimated 52 million children under 5 years of age, or 8%, were wasted in 2011. The vast majority, about 70%, of the world’s wasted children live in Asia, most in South-Central Asia.

  • Waisting (noun)

    That which goes at the waist (of a person, as on a garment, or of an object).

    “The decorative material used as waisting also served as a girdle for her midlife expansion.”

  • Waisting (noun)

    A failure in mechanical testing, where part of the testpiece becomes narrow.

  • Wasting (adjective)

    Causing a waste, or wasting away; causing pronounced loss of body mass.

  • Wasting (noun)

    Gradual deterioration or wasting away.

    “muscular wastings”

  • Wasting (noun)

    The act by which something is laid waste; destruction.


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