Velvet vs. Velour

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Velvet and Velour is that the Velvet is a type of pile fabric and Velour is a any of various woven or knitted fabrics with a napped or pile surface similar to velvet.

  • Velvet

    Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft feel. By extension, the word velvety means “smooth like velvet.” Velvet can be made from either synthetic or natural fibers.

  • Velour

    Velour or velours is a plush, knitted fabric or textile similar to velvet or velveteen. It is usually made from cotton, but can also be made from synthetic materials such as polyester. Velour is used in a wide variety of applications, including clothing and upholstery. Other examples include car seats, leotards and robes. This means that it can be useful in many occasions.

    Velour can also refer to a rough natural leather sometimes called velour leather. Chrome tanned leather is ground from the inside, which forms a delicate, soft layer on the surface. It is used for footwear, clothing, and upholstery. This type of leather is often confused with velvet suede and chamois.

  • Velvet (noun)

    A closely woven fabric (originally of silk, now also of cotton or man-made fibres) with a thick short pile on one side.

  • Velvet (noun)

    Very fine fur, including the skin and fur on a deer’s antlers.

  • Velvet (noun)

    A female chinchilla; a sow.

  • Velvet (noun)

    The drug dextromethorphan.

  • Velvet (noun)

    Money acquired by gambling.

  • Velvet (verb)

    To cover with velvet or with a covering of a similar texture.

  • Velvet (verb)

    To coat raw meat in starch, then in oil, preparatory to frying.

  • Velvet (verb)

    To remove the velvet from a deer’s antlers.

  • Velvet (verb)

    To soften; to mitigate.

  • Velvet (adjective)

    Made of velvet.

  • Velvet (adjective)

    Soft and delicate, like velvet; velvety.

  • Velvet (adjective)

    peaceful, carried out without violence; especially as pertaining to the peaceful breakup of Czechoslovakia.

  • Velour (noun)

    A knit fabric similar to velvet, but usually somewhat coarser.

  • Velvet (noun)

    a closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon, that has a thick short pile on one side

    “an armchair covered in velvet”

    “red velvet curtains”

  • Velvet (noun)

    soft downy skin that covers a deer’s antler while it is growing

    “the bucks are still in velvet”

    “a moose was rubbing the velvet from his antlers”

Oxford Dictionary

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