Useage vs. Usage

By Jaxson

  • Useage (noun)

    misspelling of usage

  • Usage (noun)

    The manner or the amount of using; use.

  • Usage (noun)

    Habit or accepted practice.

  • Usage (noun)

    The ways and contexts in which spoken and written words are used, determined by a lexicographer’s intuition or from corpus analysis.

  • Usage (noun)

    Correct or proper use of language, proclaimed by some authority.

  • Usage (noun)

    The treatment of someone or something.

  • Usage (noun)

    the action of using something or the fact of being used

    “the usage of equipment”

    “a survey of water usage”

  • Usage (noun)

    the way in which a word or phrase is normally and correctly used

    “there are various derivative usages”

  • Usage (noun)

    habitual or customary practice, especially as creating a right, obligation, or standard

    “the dictates and usages of polite society”

Oxford Dictionary

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