Upgrade vs. Update

By Jaxson

  • Upgrade (noun)

    An upward grade or slope.

  • Upgrade (noun)

    An improved component or replacement item, usually applied to technology

    “With my phone company, I get a free upgrade every twelve months if I keep topping up 10 pounds a month.”

  • Upgrade (noun)

    An improvement

    “The remarried couples among my friends often joked that their divorce and remarriage amounted to an upgrade.”

  • Upgrade (verb)

    To improve, usually applied to technology, generally by complete replacement of one or more components

    “When you upgrade your standard of living, you become addicted to that standard of living.”

  • Upgrade (verb)

    To replace with something better.

    “I had to upgrade my anti-virus software to protect my computer from the newer threats.”

  • Upgrade (verb)

    To improve the equipment or furnishings of or services rendered to

    “They upgraded him to the latest model.”

    “They were upgraded to first class.”

  • Upgrade (verb)

    To improve in condition or status.

    “She upgraded to a more successful husband.”

  • Upgrade (verb)

    To replace a program with a later version of itself, a version having a higher version number or marketed under a more recent product name. en

  • Upgrade (adverb)

    Up a slope or grade.

  • Update (noun)

    An advisement providing more up-to-date information than currently known.

    “He gave me an update on the situation in New York.”

  • Update (noun)

    A change in information, a modification of existing or known data.

    “I just made an update to the Wikipedia article on guerillas.”

  • Update (noun)

    An additional piece of information. An addition to existing information.

    “I just made an update to my blog about my trip to Rome.”

  • Update (noun)

    A modification of something to a more recent, up-to-date version; (in software) a minor upgrade.

    “Our database receives an update every morning at 3 AM.”

    “I have a couple of updates to install on your laptop.”

  • Update (noun)

    A version of something which is newer than other versions.

    “You should try the update: it rocks.”

  • Update (verb)

    To bring (a thing) up to date.

    “I need to update my records to take account of the most recent transaction.”

  • Update (verb)

    To bring (a person) up to date: to inform (a person) about recent developments.

    “Update me on what happened while I was away.”


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