Unbounded vs. Unbound

By Jaxson

  • Unbounded (adjective)

    Having no boundaries or limits.

    “The universe is finite but unbounded.”

    “our everlasting, unbounded love”

  • Unbound (verb)

    simple past tense and past participle of unbind

  • Unbound (adjective)

    Not bound; not tied up.

    “The hostages’ hands were left unbound.”

  • Unbound (adjective)

    Without a binding.

    “an unbound book”

  • Unbounded (adjective)

    having or appearing to have no limits

    “the possibilities are unbounded”

  • Unbound (adjective)

    not bound or tied up

    “they were unbound by convention”

    “her hair was unbound”

  • Unbound (adjective)

    (of printed sheets) not bound together

    “other copies were sold in the form of unbound printed sheets”

  • Unbound (adjective)

    (of a bound book) not provided with a proper or permanent cover

    “two thick, unbound volumes”

  • Unbound (adjective)

    not held by a chemical bond, gravity, or other physical force

    “unbound electrons”

Oxford Dictionary

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