Trousers vs. Pants

By Jaxson

  • Trousers (noun)

    An article of clothing that covers the part of the body between the waist and the ankles or knees, and is divided into a separate part for each leg.

    “The trousers need to be shortened.”

    “Why can women wear trousers when men can’t wear skirts?”

  • Pants (noun)

    An outer garment that covers the body from the waist downwards, covering each leg separately, usually as far as the ankles; trousers. from 19th c.

  • Pants (noun)

    An undergarment that covers the genitals and often the buttocks and the neighbouring parts of the body; underpants. from 19th c.

  • Pants (noun)

    Rubbish; something worthless.

    “You’re talking pants!”

    “The film was a load [or pile] of pants.”

  • Pants (adjective)

    Of inferior quality, rubbish.

    “Your mobile is pants — why don’t you get one like mine?”

  • Pants (noun)

    underpants or knickers.

  • Pants (noun)


    “corduroy pants”

    “wide pant legs”

  • Pants (noun)

    rubbish; nonsense

    “he thought we were going to be absolute pants”

Oxford Dictionary

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