Trochar vs. Trocar

By Jaxson

  • Trocar

    A trocar (or trochar) is a medical or veterinary device that is made up of an obturator (which may be a metal or plastic sharpened or non-bladed tip), a cannula (basically a hollow tube), and a seal. Trocars are placed through the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery. The trocar functions as a portal for the subsequent placement of other instruments, such as graspers, scissors, staplers, etc. Trocars also allow the escape of gas or fluid from organs within the body.

  • Trochar (noun)

    alternative form of trocar

  • Trocar (noun)

    A pointed hollow cylindrical device used to make small incisions and surgically insert cannulas, etc., into body cavities, or to aspirate fluids.

  • Trocar (noun)

    a surgical instrument with a three-sided cutting point enclosed in a tube, used for withdrawing fluid from a body cavity.

Oxford Dictionary

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