Trainor vs. Trainer

By Jaxson

  • Trainor

    Trainor is a surname of Irish origin derived from the surname McTraynor.

  • Trainor (noun)

    A trains another; a coach, a trainer.

  • Trainer (noun)

    A person who trains another; a coach.

  • Trainer (noun)

    A person responsible for treating injuries sustained by players during matches; a physiotherapist.

  • Trainer (noun)

    A running shoe or sneaker.

  • Trainer (noun)

    A patch for a video game that applies cheats.

  • Trainer (noun)

    A piece of indoor equipment allowing a bicycle to be ridden while stationary.

  • Trainer (noun)

    attributive of trainers

    “There was chewing gum stuck to my trainer soles.”


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