Tibia vs. Fibula

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Tibia and Fibula is that the Tibia is a larger of the two bones of the leg below the knee for vertebrates and Fibula is a smaller of the two bones of the leg below the knee for vertebrates

  • Tibia

    The tibia (plural tibiae or tibias), also known as the shinbone or shankbone, is the larger, stronger, and anterior (frontal) of the two bones in the leg below the knee in vertebrates (the other being the fibula, behind and to the outside of the tibia), and it connects the knee with the ankle bones. The tibia is found on the medial side of the leg next to the fibula and closer to the median plane or centre-line. The tibia is connected to the fibula by the interosseous membrane of the leg, forming a type of fibrous joint called a syndesmosis with very little movement. The tibia is named for the flute tibia. It is the second largest bone in the human body next to the femur. The leg bones are the strongest long bones as they support the rest of the body.

  • Fibula

    The fibula or calf bone is a leg bone on the lateral side of the tibia, to which it is connected above and below. It is the smaller of the two bones and, in proportion to its length, the slenderest of all the long bones. Its upper extremity is small, placed toward the back of the head of the tibia, below the knee joint and excluded from the formation of this joint. Its lower extremity inclines a little forward, so as to be on a plane anterior to that of the upper end; it projects below the tibia and forms the lateral part of the ankle joint.

  • Tibia (noun)

    The inner and usually the larger of the two bones of the leg or hind limb below the knee, the shinbone

  • Tibia (noun)

    The second segment from the end of an insect’s leg, between the femur and tarsus.

  • Tibia (noun)

    The third segment from the end of an arachnid’s leg, between the patella and metatarsus.

  • Tibia (noun)

    A musical instrument of the flute kind, originally made of the leg bone of an animal.

  • Fibula (noun)

    An kind of clothing together, similar in function to the modern safety pin.

  • Fibula (noun)

    The smaller of the two bones in the lower leg, the calf bone.


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