Thine vs. Thy

By Jaxson

  • Thine (determiner)

    Singular second person prevocalic possessive determiner (preconsonantal form: thy).

  • Thine (pronoun)

    Singular second person possessive pronoun.

  • Thy (determiner)

    The possessive form of thou: that belongs to thee; that belongs to you singular.

  • Thy (conjunction)


  • Thine (pronoun)

    archaic form of yours; the thing or things belonging to or associated with thee

    “his spirit will take courage from thine”

  • Thine (determiner)

    form of thy used before a vowel

    “inquire into thine own heart”

  • Thy (determiner)

    archaic or dialect form of your

    “honour thy father and thy mother”

Oxford Dictionary

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