Terrible vs. Horrible

By Jaxson

  • Horrible

    Horrible is an EP by the rock group Half Japanese. It was released in 1982.

  • Terrible (adjective)

    Dreadful; causing terror, alarm and fear; awesome

    “The witch gave him a terrible curse.”

  • Terrible (adjective)

    Formidable, powerful.

  • Terrible (adjective)

    Intense; extreme in degree or extent.

    “He paid a terrible price for his life of drinking.”

  • Terrible (adjective)

    Unpleasant; disagreeable.

    “The food was terrible, but it was free.”

  • Terrible (adjective)

    Very bad; lousy.

    “Whatever he thinks, he is a terrible driver.”

  • Terrible (adverb)

    In a terrible way; to a terrible extent; terribly; awfully.

  • Horrible (noun)

    A thing that causes horror; a terrifying thing, particularly a prospective bad consequence asserted as likely to result from an act.

  • Horrible (noun)

    A person wearing a comic or grotesque costume in a parade of horribles.

  • Horrible (adjective)

    Causing horror; terrible; shocking.

  • Horrible (adjective)

    Tremendously bad.


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