Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical is that the Symmetrical is a state; balance of object and Asymmetrical is a state; the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry.

  • Symmetrical

    Symmetry (from Greek συμμετρία symmetria “agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement”) in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. In mathematics, “symmetry” has a more precise definition, that an object is invariant to any of various transformations; including reflection, rotation or scaling. Although these two meanings of “symmetry” can sometimes be told apart, they are related, so in this article they are discussed together.

    Mathematical symmetry may be observed with respect to the passage of time; as a spatial relationship; through geometric transformations; through other kinds of functional transformations; and as an aspect of abstract objects, theoretic models, language, music and even knowledge itself.

    This article describes symmetry from three perspectives: in mathematics, including geometry, the most familiar type of symmetry for many people; in science and nature; and in the arts, covering architecture, art and music.

    The opposite of symmetry is asymmetry.

  • Asymmetrical

    Asymmetry is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry (the property of an object being invariant to a transformation, such as reflection). Symmetry is an important property of both physical and abstract systems and it may be displayed in precise terms or in more aesthetic terms. The absence of or violation of symmetry that are either expected or desired can have important consequences for a system.

  • Symmetrical (adjective)

    Exhibiting symmetry; having harmonious or proportionate arrangement of parts; having corresponding parts or relations.

  • Asymmetrical (adjective)

    Not symmetrical.

  • Asymmetrical (adjective)

    Presenting a false dilemma, or a choice between two things which are not opposites.

    “Question six is asymmetrical: “Are things going in the right direction or on the wrong track?” (The West Wing, Season 1, Episode 21, Toby)”


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