Swoll vs. Swole

By Jaxson

  • Swoll

    Randall Thornton (born December 23, 1964) is an American former football player and professional wrestler. He is also known for his stint in World Championship Wrestling under the ring name Swoll.

  • Swoll (adjective)

    alternative spelling of swole

  • Swoll (verb)

    alternative spelling of swole

  • Swole (adjective)

    Pertaining to men showboating themselves in front of one another, sometimes before a fight.

    “The swole boy aggravated me, so I laid him out.”

  • Swole (adjective)

    Having large, well-developed muscles.

    “I ain’t swole, brah.”

  • Swole (adjective)

    Aroused; with an erection.

    “Them titties got me swole.”

  • Swole (adjective)


    “swole dick”

  • Swole (verb)

    dialect form of swollen or swelled (see swell)

    “his little foot swole and swole tell his little toes stuck out”

    “her eyes was so swole you couldn’t see what color they was”

  • Swole (adjective)

    (especially of a man) extremely muscular

    “this guy is pretty swoll”

    “getting those swole arms doesn’t have to be the impossible task that everyone thinks it is”

    “if you’re swole you’ll look good in anything”

Oxford Dictionary

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