Sweety vs. Sweetie

By Jaxson

  • Sweety

    Sweety was a Taiwanese musical duo formed by Esther Liu (Chinese: 劉品言; pinyin: Liú Pǐnyán; colloquially known as Yan Yan (言言) ; born August 8, 1988) and Joanne Tseng (Chinese: 曾之喬; pinyin: Zēng Zhīqiáo; colloquially known as Qiao Qiao (喬喬); born November 17, 1988). The duo were formed in 2002 and debuted in 2003 at the age of 14.

    Sweety were active from 2003 to 2006 and has released 3 studio albums and 2 soundtracks. They went on hiatus as a group since 2007 when Liu went to Paris to study for a few years, while Tseng continued with her solo career.

    Apart from singing, both members have also acted in films and television series.

  • Sweety (noun)

    alternative spelling of sweetie

  • Sweetie (noun)

    A person who is much loved.

  • Sweetie (noun)

    A sweetheart.

  • Sweetie (noun)

    A fruit that is a crossbreed between a grapefruit and a pomelo, originating in Israel.

  • Sweetie (noun)

    A sweet.

    “Can I have a box of sweeties for being a good boy?”


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