Sunbathe vs. Sunbake

By Jaxson

  • Sunbathe (verb)

    To expose one’s body to the sun in order to relax or to obtain a suntan.

  • Sunbathe (noun)

    A sunbathing session.

    “Do you think it’s warm enough outside for a sunbathe?”

  • Sunbake (verb)

    To bake in the sun.

  • Sunbake (verb)

    To sunbathe.

  • Sunbake (noun)

    A session of sunbathing.

  • Sunbathe (verb)

    sit or lie in the sun, especially to tan the skin

    “I didn’t do much apart from swim, sunbathe, and sleep”

  • Sunbake (verb)


    “on Kangaroo Island you’ll talk to wallabies and cuddle koalas, sunbake with seals on the pristine beach, and play with dolphins in the crystal clear waters”

Oxford Dictionary

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