Stoped vs. Stopped

By Jaxson

  • Stoped (verb)

    simple past tense and past participle of stope

  • Stopped (adjective)

    Not moving, but not properly parked or berthed; said also of the occupants of such a vehicle.

    “We were stopped for more than three hours!”

    “They passed a stopped car on the side of the road, but realized there was nothing they could do to help.”

  • Stopped (adjective)

    In the state resulting from having stopped.

    “A stopped clock is right twice a day.”

  • Stopped (adjective)

    Having a stop; being closed at one end.

  • Stopped (adjective)

    In a well-pruned state.

  • Stopped (adjective)

    Made by complete closure of the organs in the mouth; said of certain consonants such as b, d, p, and t”.


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