Steep vs. Seep

By Jaxson

  • Seep

    A seep is a moist or wet place where water, usually groundwater, reaches the earth’s surface from an underground aquifer.

  • Steep (adjective)

    Of a near-vertical gradient; of a slope, surface, curve, etc. that proceeds upward at an angle near vertical.

    “a steep hill or mountain; a steep roof; a steep ascent; a steep barometric gradient”

  • Steep (adjective)


    “Twenty quid for a shave? That’s a bit steep.”

  • Steep (adjective)

    Difficult to access; not easy reached; lofty; elevated; high.

  • Steep (adjective)

    (of the rake of a ship’s mast, or a car’s windshield) resulting in a mast or windshield angle that strongly diverges from the perpendicular

    “The steep rake of the windshield enhances the fast lines of the exterior. []”

  • Steep (noun)

    The steep side of a mountain etc.; a slope or acclivity.

  • Steep (noun)

    A liquid used in a steeping process

    “Corn steep has many industrial uses.”

  • Steep (noun)

    A rennet bag.

  • Steep (verb)

    To soak an item (or to be soaked) in liquid in order to gradually add or remove components to or from the item

    “They steep skins in a tanning solution to create leather.”

    “The tea is steeping.”

  • Steep (verb)

    To imbue with something.

    “a town steeped in history”

  • Seep (noun)

    a small spring, pool, or other place where liquid from the ground (e.g. water, petroleum or tar) has oozed to the surface

  • Seep (noun)

    moisture that seeps out; a seepage

  • Seep (noun)

    A seafloor vent

  • Seep (verb)

    to ooze, or pass slowly through pores or other small openings


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