Spiky vs. Spikey

By Jaxson

  • Spiky (adjective)

    Having spikes, spiny.

  • Spiky (adjective)

    hostile; standoffish

    “a spiky personality”

  • Spikey (adjective)

    alternative form of spiky

  • Spiky (adjective)

    having many spikes or sharp projecting points

    “a spiky cactus”

  • Spiky (adjective)

    resembling a spike or spikes

    “his hair was dark and spiky”

    “wear pencil skirts with spikey heels”

  • Spiky (adjective)

    easily offended or annoyed

    “she sounded spiky and defensive”

    “he’s a quality player but he’s got a bit of a spikey attitude”

Oxford Dictionary

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