Spectacles vs. Goggles

By Jaxson

  • Goggles

    Goggles, or safety glasses, are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes. They are used in chemistry laboratories and in woodworking. They are often used in snow sports as well, and in swimming. Goggles are often worn when using power tools such as drills or chainsaws to prevent flying particles from damaging the eyes. Many types of goggles are available as prescription goggles for those with vision problems.

  • Spectacles (noun)

    A pair of lenses set in a frame worn on the nose and ears in order to correct deficiencies in eyesight or to ornament the face.

  • Goggles (noun)

    Protective eyewear set in a flexible frame to fit snugly against the face.

  • Goggles (noun)

    Blinds for shying horses.


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