Since vs. Ago

By Jaxson

  • Since (adverb)

    From a specified time in the past.

    “I met him last year, but haven’t seen him since.”

  • Since (preposition)

    From: referring to a period of time ending in the present and defining it by the point in time at which it started, or the period in which its starting point occurred.

  • Since (preposition)

    Continuously during that period of time.

    “I have known her since last year.”

  • Ago (adjective)

    Gone; gone by; gone away; passed; passed away.

    “in days ago/in days agone”

  • Ago (adjective)

    Nearly gone; dead 19th century]]

    “Woe the day- she is agone!”

  • Ago (adverb)



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