Significant vs. Remarkable

By Jaxson

  • Remarkable

    Remarkable Recycled Ltd (05394545 – Incorporated on 16 March 2005) is a UK company that makes stationery products out of recycled materials. With its sister company, Edvironment Ltd, it sells a range of recycled products, such as the recycled CD and vending cup pencil.

  • Significant (adjective)

    Signifying something; carrying meaning.

    “a significant word or sound; a significant look”

  • Significant (adjective)

    Having a covert or hidden meaning.

  • Significant (adjective)

    Having a noticeable or major effect; notable.

    “That was a significant step in the right direction.”

    “The First World War was a significant event.”

  • Significant (adjective)

    Reasonably large in number or amount.

  • Significant (adjective)

    Having a low probability of occurring by chance (for example, having high correlation and thus likely to be related).

  • Significant (noun)

    That which has significance; a sign; a token; a symbol.

  • Remarkable (adjective)

    Worthy of being remarked or noted; notable



  • Remarkable (adjective)

    uncommon; unusual



  • Significant (adjective)

    sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy

    “a significant increase in sales”

  • Significant (adjective)

    having a particular meaning; indicative of something

    “in times of stress her dreams seemed to her especially significant”

  • Significant (adjective)

    suggesting a meaning or message that is not explicitly stated

    “she gave him a significant look”

  • Significant (adjective)

    relating to or having significance.

Oxford Dictionary

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