Significance vs. Importance

By Jaxson

  • Importance

    Importance is a subjective indicator of value. As a concept, importance is the recognized attribution of a subject’s significance or value as defined by a perspective. In its most basic form, importance is used to define subjects that are essential and relevant from those that are not. A subject that is defined as of having no importance is often seen as having no value.

  • Significance (noun)

    The extent to which something matters; importance

    “As a juror your opinion is of great significance for the outcome of the trial.”

  • Significance (noun)


    “the significance of a gesture”

  • Importance (noun)

    The quality or condition of being important or worthy of note.

  • Importance (noun)

    significance or prominence.

  • Importance (noun)

    personal status or standing.

  • Importance (noun)

    Something of importance.

  • Significance (noun)

    the quality of being worthy of attention; importance

    “adolescent education was felt to be a social issue of some significance”

  • Significance (noun)

    the meaning to be found in words or events

    “the significance of what was happening was clearer to me than to her”

  • Significance (noun)

    the extent to which a result deviates from that expected to arise simply from random variation or errors in sampling.

Oxford Dictionary

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