Shaky vs. Shakey

By Jaxson

  • Shaky (adjective)

    Shaking or trembling.

    “a shaky spot in a marsh”

    “a shaky hand”

  • Shaky (adjective)

    Nervous, anxious.

    “He’s a nice guy but when he talks to me, he acts shaky.”

  • Shaky (adjective)

    Full of shakes or cracks; cracked.

    “shaky timber”


  • Shaky (adjective)

    Easily shaken; tottering; unsound.

    “a shaky constitution”

    “shaky business credit”

  • Shaky (adjective)

    Wavering; undecided.

  • Shakey (adjective)

    alternative spelling of shaky

  • Shaky (adjective)

    shaking or trembling

    “she managed a shaky laugh”

  • Shaky (adjective)

    unstable because of poor construction or heavy use

    “a cracked, dangerously shaky table”

  • Shaky (adjective)

    not safe or reliable; liable to fail or falter

    “thoroughly shaky evidence”

    “after a shaky start the Scottish team made superb efforts”

Oxford Dictionary

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