Seize vs. Sieze

By Jaxson

  • Seize (verb)

    To deliberately take hold of; to grab or capture.

  • Seize (verb)

    To take advantage of (an opportunity or circumstance).

  • Seize (verb)

    To take possession of (by force, law etc.).

    “to seize smuggled goods”

    “to seize a ship after libeling”

  • Seize (verb)

    To have a sudden and powerful effect upon.

    “a panic seized the crowd”

    “a fever seized him”

  • Seize (verb)

    To bind, lash or make fast, with several turns of small rope, cord, or small line.

    “to seize two fish-hooks back to back”

    “to seize or stop one rope on to another”

  • Seize (verb)

    To fasten, fix.

  • Seize (verb)

    To lay hold in seizure, by hands or claws (+ on or upon).

    “to seize on the neck of a horse”

    “The text which had seized upon his heart with such comfort and strength abode upon him for more than a year. (Southey, Bunyan, p. 21)”

  • Seize (verb)

    To have a seizure.

  • Seize (verb)

    To bind or lock in position immovably; see also seize up.

    “Rust caused the engine to seize, never to run again.”

  • Seize (verb)

    To submit for consideration to a deliberative body.

  • Sieze (verb)

    misspelling of seize

  • Seize (verb)

    take hold of suddenly and forcibly

    “he seized hold of the door handle”

    “she jumped up and seized his arm”

  • Seize (verb)

    take forcible possession of

    “army rebels seized an air force base”

    “the current President seized power in a coup”

  • Seize (verb)

    (of the police or another authority) take possession of (something) by warrant or legal right

    “police have seized 726 lb of cocaine”

  • Seize (verb)

    take (an opportunity) eagerly and decisively

    “he seized his chance to attack as Carr hesitated”

  • Seize (verb)

    (of a feeling or pain) affect (someone) suddenly or acutely

    “he was seized by the most dreadful fear”

  • Seize (verb)

    strongly appeal to or attract (the imagination or attention)

    “the story of the king’s escape seized the public imagination”

  • Seize (verb)

    understand (something) quickly or clearly

    “he always strains to seize the most sombre truths”

  • Seize (verb)

    be aware or informed of

    “the judge was fully seized of the point”

  • Seize (verb)

    (of a machine with moving parts) become jammed

    “the engine seized up after only three weeks”

  • Seize (verb)

    be in legal possession of

    “the court is currently seized of custody applications”

  • Seize (verb)

    have or receive freehold possession of (property)

    “any person who is seized of land has a protected interest in that land”

  • Seize (verb)

    fasten or attach (someone or something) to something by binding with turns of rope

    “Jack was seized to the gun and had his two dozen lashes”

Oxford Dictionary

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