Seasoning vs. Flavoring

By Jaxson

  • Seasoning

    Seasoning is the process of adding salts, herbs, or spices to food to enhance the flavour.

  • Seasoning (noun)

    Something used to add taste or flavour to food, such as salt and pepper or other condiment, herb or spice.

  • Seasoning (noun)

    Anything added to increase enjoyment.

  • Seasoning (noun)

    A coat of polymerized oil inside a cooking vessel which renders the surface non-stick.

  • Seasoning (noun)

    An alcoholic intoxication.

    “Some of our gentlemen officers, happening to stop at a tavern, or rather a sort of grogshop, took such a seasoning that two or three of them became “quite frisky.””

  • Seasoning (noun)

    In diamond-cutting, the charging of the laps or wheels with diamond dust and oil.

  • Flavoring (noun)

    Something that gives flavor, usually a food ingredient.

    “This soda has an artificial flavoring, I can taste the after taste.”

  • Flavoring (verb)

    present participle of flavor


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