Reversible vs. Revertible

By Jaxson

  • Reversible (adjective)

    Able to be reversed.

  • Reversible (adjective)

    Able to be worn inside out.

  • Reversible (adjective)

    Capable of proceeding in either direction.

  • Reversible (adjective)

    Capable of returning to the original state.

  • Reversible (adjective)

    Capable of returning to the original state without consumption of free energy and increase of entropy.

  • Revertible (adjective)

    Able to be reverted.

  • Reversible (adjective)

    able to be turned the other way round

    “a reversible pushchair seat”

  • Reversible (adjective)

    (of a garment or fabric) faced on both sides so as to be worn or used with either outside

    “a reversible duvet cover”

    “a reversible jacket”

  • Reversible (adjective)

    (of the effects of a process or condition) capable of being reversed so that the previous state or situation is restored

    “potentially reversible forms of renal failure”

  • Reversible (adjective)

    (of a reaction) occurring together with its converse, and so yielding an equilibrium mixture of reactants and products

    “the formation of ethyl acetate from ethyl alcohol and acetic acid is a reversible reaction”

  • Reversible (adjective)

    (of a change or process) capable of complete and detailed reversal, especially denoting or undergoing an ideal change in which a system is in thermodynamic equilibrium at all times

    “the entropy change is zero only in the limiting case of a reversible process”

  • Reversible (adjective)

    (of a colloid) capable of being changed from a gel into a sol by a reversal of the treatment which turns the sol into a gel

    “a reversible sol–gel transformation”

Oxford Dictionary

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