Respect vs. Loyalty

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Respect and Loyalty is that the Respect is a feeling of regard for someone or something and Loyalty is a faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause.

  • Respect

    Respect is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important, or held in high esteem or regard; it conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities; and it is also the process of honoring someone by exhibiting care, concern, or consideration for their needs or feelings.Some people may earn the respect of individuals by assisting others or by playing important social roles. In many cultures, individuals are considered to be worthy of respect until they prove otherwise. Courtesies that show respect include simple words and phrases like “thank you” in the West, simple physical gestures like a slight bow in the East, a smile, or direct eye contact, or a simple handshake.

  • Loyalty

    Loyalty, in general use, is a devotion and faithfulness to a nation, cause, philosophy, country, group, or person. Philosophers disagree on what can be an object of loyalty, as some argue that loyalty is strictly interpersonal and only another human being can be the object of loyalty. The definition of loyalty in law and political science is the fidelity of an individual to a nation, either one’s nation of birth, or one’s declared home nation by oath (naturalization).

  • Respect (noun)

    an attitude of consideration or high regard

    “He is an intellectual giant, and I have great respect for him.”

    “we do respect people for their dignity and worth.”

  • Respect (noun)

    good opinion, honor, or admiration

  • Respect (noun)

    Polite greetings, often offered as condolences after a death.

    “The mourners paid their last respects to the deceased poet.”

  • Respect (noun)

    a particular aspect, feature or detail of something

    “This year’s model is superior to last year’s in several respects.”

  • Respect (noun)

    Good will; favor

  • Respect (verb)

    To have respect for.

    “She is an intellectual giant, and I respect her greatly.”

  • Respect (verb)

    To have regard for something, to observe a custom, practice, rule or right.

    “I respect your right to hold that belief, although I think it is nonsense.”

  • Respect (verb)

    To abide by an agreement.

    “They failed to respect the treaty they had signed, and invaded.”

  • Respect (verb)

    To take notice of; to regard as worthy of special consideration; to heed.

  • Respect (verb)

    To relate to; to be concerned with.

  • Respect (verb)

    To regard; to consider; to deem.

  • Respect (verb)

    To look toward; to face.

  • Respect (interjection)

    hello, hi

  • Loyalty (noun)

    The state of being loyal; fidelity.

  • Loyalty (noun)

    Faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation.

  • Loyalty (noun)

    the quality of being loyal

    “his extreme loyalty to the Crown”

  • Loyalty (noun)

    a strong feeling of support or allegiance

    “rows with in-laws are distressing because they cause divided loyalties”

Oxford Dictionary

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