Reserved vs. Quiet

By Jaxson

  • Reserved

    Reserved is a Polish clothing store chain, part of LPP, which has more than 1,700 stores located in 20 countries.The LPP company was established in 1989 and the first stores under the Reserved fashion brand were opened in 1999. The founders of the company are Marek Piechocki, a civil engineering graduate from the GdaƄsk University of Technology and businessman Jerzy Lubianiec.Besides Poland, stores are located in Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Great Britain and in Israel.

    In 2014, Reserved opened their first store in Germany, in Recklinghausen.September 2016, it was announced that Reserved would be taking over the lease on the former British Home Stores (BHS) flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. The store officially opened on 6 September 2017.In October 2018, Reserved opened their first store in Kazakhstan, in Almaty.

  • Reserved (verb)

    simple past tense and past participle of reserve

  • Reserved (adjective)

    Slow to reveal emotion or opinions.

    “He was a quiet, reserved person.”

  • Reserved (adjective)

    Set aside for a particular person or purpose.

    “I’m sorry, sir, but these are reserved seats.”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    With little or no sound; free of disturbing noise.

    “I can’t hear the music; it is too quiet.”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    Having little motion or activity; calm.

    “the sea was quiet”

    “a quiet night at home”

    “all quiet on the Western front”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    Not busy, of low quantity.

    “The traffic was quiet for a Monday morning.”

    “Business was quiet for the season.”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    Not talking much or not talking loudly; reserved.

    “He’s a very quiet man usually, but is very chatty after a few beers.”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    Not showy; undemonstrative.

    “a quiet dress”

    “quiet colours”

    “a quiet movement”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    Requiring little or no interaction.

    “a quiet install”

  • Quiet (verb)

    To become quiet, silent, still, tranquil, calm.

    “When you quiet, we can start talking.”

  • Quiet (verb)

    To cause someone to become quiet.

    “Can you quiet your child? He’s making lots of noise.”

    “The umpire quieted the crowd, so the game could continue in peace.”

  • Quiet (noun)

    The absence of sound; quietness.

    “There was a strange quiet in the normally very lively plaza.”

    “We need a bit of quiet before we can start the show.”

  • Quiet (noun)

    the absence of movement; stillness, tranquility

  • Quiet (interjection)

    Be quiet.

    “Quiet! The children are sleeping.”

  • Reserved (adjective)

    slow to reveal emotion or opinions

    “he is a reserved, almost taciturn man”

  • Reserved (adjective)

    kept specially for a particular person

    “a reserved seat”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    making little or no noise

    “I was as quiet as I could be, but he knew I was there”

    “the car has a quiet, economical engine”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    (of a place, period of time, or situation) without much activity, disturbance, or excitement

    “the street below was quiet, little traffic braving the snow”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    without being disturbed or interrupted

    “all he wanted was a quiet drink”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    carried out discreetly, secretly, or with moderation

    “we wanted a quiet wedding”

    “I’ll have a quiet word with him”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    (of a person) mild and reserved by nature

    “his quiet, middle-aged parents”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    expressed in a restrained or understated way

    “Molly spoke with quiet confidence”

  • Quiet (adjective)

    (of a colour or garment) unobtrusive; not bright or showy.

  • Quiet (noun)

    absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm

    “the ringing of the telephone shattered the early morning quiet”

  • Quiet (noun)

    freedom from disturbance or interruption by others

    “he understood her wish for peace and quiet”

  • Quiet (noun)

    a peaceful or settled state of affairs in social or political life

    “after several months of comparative quiet, the scandal re-erupted in August”

  • Quiet (verb)

    make or become silent, calm, or still

    “the journalists quieted down as Judy stepped on to the dais”

    “there are ways of quieting kids down”

Oxford Dictionary

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