Reseat vs. Resit

By Jaxson

  • Reseat (verb)

    To provide (e.g. a room) with more, or new, seats.

    “We should reseat this cinema – the old seats are worn.”

  • Reseat (verb)

    To seat (someone) again, to give somebody a different seat.

    “We have to reseat you, sir: this seat is reserved for the guest speaker.”

  • Reseat (verb)

    To sit down again.

    “I reseated after standing up to applaud the prizewinner.”

  • Reseat (verb)

    To plug (something) back into its socket.

    “Try reseating your video adapter, and see if that fixes your computer’s problems.”

  • Reseat (verb)

    To fit (something, especially a valve) back into its place.

    “To ensure that there are no leaks, clean the surfaces before you reseat the valve.”

  • Resit (verb)

    To take an examination a second time.

  • Resit (noun)

    An examination taken a second time.


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