Reluctance vs. Reluctancy

By Jaxson

  • Reluctance

    Magnetic reluctance, or magnetic resistance, is a concept used in the analysis of magnetic circuits. It is analogous to resistance in an electrical circuit, but rather than dissipating electric energy it stores magnetic energy. In likeness to the way an electric field causes an electric current to follow the path of least resistance, a magnetic field causes magnetic flux to follow the path of least magnetic reluctance. It is a scalar

    extensive quantity, akin to electrical resistance. The unit for magnetic reluctance is inverse henry, H−1.

  • Reluctance (noun)

    Unwillingness to do something.

  • Reluctance (noun)

    Hesitancy in taking some action.

  • Reluctance (noun)

    That property of a magnetic circuit analogous to resistance in an electric circuit.

  • Reluctancy (noun)

    obsolete form of reluctance


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