Releasor vs. Releasee

By Jaxson

  • Releasor (noun)

    A person who releases (surrenders) a claim on an estate

  • Releasee (noun)

    A party that is given a release

  • Releasor (noun)

    a person who releases property or money to another person or entity

    “releasees want to be sure that the releasor consents”

  • Releasee (noun)

    an offender who has recently been released from prison

    “the issuance of a warrant is justified if the releasee has been arrested for an offence”

  • Releasee (noun)

    a person or entity to whom property or money is released

    “there was no land to which this covenant could be annexed so as to pass to the releasee”

Oxford Dictionary

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