Raucous vs. Rowdy

By Jaxson

  • Raucous

    Raucous was a live, half an hour, RMITV program broadcast on C31 Melbourne featuring youth-oriented segments, arts reviews, comedy skits, interviews, street talks and live music. It was co-hosted by Lyndon Horsburgh and featured segments with Hamish and Andy’s Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. The show debuted on Thursday 8 February 2001.

  • Raucous (adjective)

    Harsh and rough-sounding.

    “At night, raucous sounds come from the swamp.”

  • Raucous (adjective)

    Disorderly and boisterous.

    “Acts of vandalism were committed by a raucous gang of drunkards.”

  • Raucous (adjective)

    Loud and annoying.

    “The new neighbors had a raucous party.”

  • Rowdy (adjective)

    Loud and disorderly; riotous; boisterous.

  • Rowdy (noun)

    A boisterous person; a brawler.


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