Quaff vs. Coif

By Jaxson

  • Coif

    A coif is a close fitting cap worn by both men and women that covers the top, back, and sides of the head.

  • Quaff (verb)

    To drink or imbibe with vigour or relish; to drink copiously; to swallow in large draughts.

  • Quaff (noun)

    The act of quaffing, a deep draught.

  • Quaff (noun)

    misspelling of coif

  • Coif (noun)

    A hairdo.

  • Coif (noun)

    A hood; a close-fitting cap covering much of the head, widespread until the 18th century; after that worn only by small children and country women.

  • Coif (noun)

    An item of chain mail headgear.

  • Coif (noun)

    An official headdress, such as that worn by certain judges in England.

  • Coif (verb)

    To style or arrange hair.

  • Quaff (verb)

    drink (something, especially an alcoholic drink) heartily

    “he quaffed pint after pint of good Berkshire ale”

  • Quaff (noun)

    an alcoholic drink

    “porter is a dark, malty quaff”

Oxford Dictionary

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