Prep vs. Goth

By Jaxson

  • Prep (noun)


  • Prep (noun)

    A prep school.

  • Prep (noun)

    A student or graduate of a prep school, a preppy. from late 19th c.

  • Prep (noun)

    Homework, work set to do outside class time, used widely in public schools and preparatory schools but not state schools.

  • Prep (noun)

    preparatory level; the last two levels or the fourth and fifth years of preschool; the two levels before first grade.

  • Prep (verb)

    To prepare.

  • Goth (noun)

    A punk-derived subculture of people who predominantly dress in black, associated with mournful music and attitudes.

    “Philip had been into goth for many years.”

  • Goth (noun)

    A style of punk rock influenced by glam rock; gothic rock.

  • Goth (noun)

    A person who is part of the goth subculture.

    “We saw a solitary goth hanging out on the steps of the train station.”

  • Goth (adjective)

    Relating to this music or these people.

    “With her black clothes and dyed hair, Melanie looked very goth compared to her classmates.”


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