Postulant vs. Pustulant

By Jaxson

  • Postulant

    A postulant (from Latin: postulare, to ask) was originally one who makes a request or demand; hence, a candidate. The use of the term is now generally restricted to those asking for admission into a Christian monastery or a religious order for the period of time preceding their admission into the novitiate.The term is most commonly used in the Catholic Church, Lutheran Churches, and the Anglican Communion (which includes the Episcopal Church, which uses the term to designate those who are seeking ordination to the diaconate or priesthood. In this respect, postulancy is generally considered the first formal step leading to candidacy and ordination). The Eastern Orthodox Churches uses this term less frequently.

  • Postulant (noun)

    A person seeking admission to a religious order

  • Postulant (noun)

    A person who submits a petition for something; a petitioner.

  • Pustulant (adjective)

    Producing pustules.

  • Pustulant (noun)

    Any medicine that produces pustules.

    “Croton oil is a pustulant.”

  • Pustulant (adjective)

    Originally: causing the formation of pustules (now rare). Later: affected with pustules; pustular.

Oxford Dictionary

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