Postlapsarian vs. Prelapsarian

By Jaxson

  • Postlapsarian

    The logical order of God’s decrees is the study in Calvinist theology of the logical order (in God’s mind, before Creation) of the decree to ordain or allow the fall of man in relation to his decree to save some sinners (election) and condemn the others (reprobation). Several opposing positions have been proposed, all of which have names with the Latin root lapsus meaning fall.

  • Prelapsarian

    Krallice is a black metal band formed by New York City musicians Colin Marston, Mick Barr, Nick McMaster and Lev Weinstein. They play an experimental, highly technical style of black metal. The band has released eight studio albums and two EPs, most recently the LP Go Be Forgotten on November 21, 2017. They have been described as “one of the most interesting, engaging black metal bands to emerge in recent years” and “one of the most important bands in modern black metal”.

  • Postlapsarian (adjective)

    Pertaining to anything which follows a lapse or failure.

  • Postlapsarian (adjective)

    The state of being which followed The Fall (the Garden of Eden).

  • Prelapsarian (adjective)

    Of, or relating to the period of innocence before the Fall of man; innocent, unspoiled.


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