Plushie vs. Plush

By Jaxson

  • Plush

    Plush (from French peluche) is a textile having a cut nap or pile the same as fustian or velvet. Its softness of feel gave rise to the adjective “plush” to describe something soft or luxurious, which was extended to describe luxury accommodation, or something rich and full.Originally the pile of plush consisted of mohair or worsted yarn, but now silk by itself or with a cotton backing is used for plush, the distinction from velvet being found in the longer and less dense pile of plush. The soft material is largely used for upholstery and furniture purposes, and is also much employed in dress and millinery.

    Modern plush are commonly manufactured from synthetic fibres such as polyester. One of the largest uses of this fabric is in the production of stuffed toys, with small plush toys made from plush fabric, such as teddy bears, to the point these are often addressed as “plush toys” or “plushes”. Plush is also one of the main materials for the construction of designer toys.

  • Plushie (noun)

    synonym of plush toy

  • Plush (adjective)

    Very extravagant.

  • Plush (adjective)

    Very expensive, or appearing expensive.

    “They lived in a plush apartment complex.”

  • Plush (adjective)

    Having a soft, fluffy exterior.

    “This plush toy is so cute and soft – I want it!”

  • Plush (noun)

    A textile fabric with a nap or shag on one side, longer and softer than the nap of velvet.

  • Plush (noun)

    A plush toy.

  • Plush (noun)

    a rich fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or a combination of these, with a long, soft nap

    “plush upholstery”

  • Plush (adjective)

    richly luxurious and expensive

    “a plush Mayfair flat”

Oxford Dictionary

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