Planner vs. Planer

By Jaxson

  • Planner (noun)

    One who plans.

    “Johnny is a good planner. He starts his work in time to get it finished by the deadline.”

    “Ms. Gunston is a planner for the county.”

  • Planner (noun)

    A notebook or software in which one keeps reminders of items such as appointments, tasks, projects, and contacts.

  • Planer (noun)

    A woodworking tool which smooths a surface or makes one surface of a workpiece parallel to the tool’s bed.

  • Planer (noun)

    A large milling machines.

  • Planer (noun)

    A wooden block used for forcing down the type in a form, and making the surface even.

  • Planner (noun)

    a person who makes plans

    “curriculum planners”

    “economic planners”

  • Planner (noun)

    a person who controls or plans urban development

    “city planners”

  • Planner (noun)

    a list or chart with information that is an aid to planning

    “my day planner”

Oxford Dictionary

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