Pitty vs. Pity

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Pitty and Pity is that the Pitty is a Brazilian singer and Pity is a sonnet by João da Cruz e Sousa.

  • Pitty

    Priscilla Novaes Leone (born October 7, 1977 in Salvador, Bahia), better known as Pitty, is a Brazilian rock singer.

    She had played in two bands, Shes and Inkoma, before starting her solo career in 2003. She has sold over 2 million copies in her career, being one of the best selling rock artists in the 2000s. Pitty was voted the sexiest rock singer of Latin America and Brazil, and the 35th sexiest rock singer in the world in 2010.

    Rock in Rio 2011 already has some big names on the Brazilian scene boundary, Pitty is one of them, according to the organizer Roberta Medina, daughter of businessman Roberto Medina, vice president of the event.

    She was the most awarded Brazilian rock artist of the 2000s.Pitty won several awards at the MTV Video Music Brazil, among them Artist of the Year twice, Video of the Year, Best Live Performance, and three times as the lead singer of the Dream Band. Pitty won approximately 51 awards during her seven-year career, a record.

    In 2011 Pitty gave an interview to a live social network, Orkut, talking about the launch of its new DVD, thus inaugurating, Orkut Live where you have exclusive interviews with celebrities. She also made 10 songs from the DVD A Trupe Delirante No Circo Voador available YouTube on 10/05. This was the first time that an entry uses two of the main platforms of Google in Brazil, Orkut and YouTube.

    In 2011 Pitty appeared on position 14 of Billboard magazines Social 50 chart, the highest debut for a national artist in the chart. She also reached the third position in the magazines Uncharted chart, overcoming Luan Santana and becoming the most influential Brazilian on the Web.

    In 2014 Pitty announced that her main band is back, with shows already confirmed by the band’s production. So it was announced by the british producer Tim Palmer in social networks, revealing the end of the mix of singles of the new album, which was released on June 2014 in (CD and vinyl). The set includes 10 songs, all unpublished and authored by singer Pitty. “SETEVIDAS” features the production of Rafael Ramos and the mix of Tim Palmer who has produced singles by Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, The Cure, David Bowie and U2.

  • Pity

    Pity is a sympathetic sorrow evoked by the suffering of others and is used in a comparable sense to compassion, condolence or empathy. Through frequent, insincere, pejorative usage, it is used to connote feelings of superiority, condescension, or contempt.

  • Pitty (noun)

    pit bull terrier

  • Pity (noun)

    A feeling of sympathy at the misfortune or suffering of someone or something.

  • Pity (noun)

    Something regrettable.

    “It’s a pity you’re feeling unwell because there’s a party on tonight.”

  • Pity (noun)


  • Pity (verb)

    To feel pity for (someone or something). from 15th c.

  • Pity (verb)

    To make (someone) feel pity; to provoke the sympathy or compassion of. from 16th c.

  • Pity (interjection)

    Short form of what a pity.


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