Perform vs. Preform

By Jaxson

  • Perform (verb)

    To do something; to execute.

    “The scientists performed several experiments.”

    “It took him only twenty minutes to perform the task.”

  • Perform (verb)

    To do something in front of an audience, often in order to entertain it.

    “She will perform in the play.”

    “The magician performed badly – none of his tricks worked.”

    “The string quartet performed three pieces by Haydn.”

  • Preform (noun)

    An object that has undergone preliminary shaping but is not yet in its final form.

  • Preform (noun)

    The rough, incomplete and unused basic form of a stone tool.

  • Preform (noun)

    A word that is no longer in use, but has been reconstructed from current ones.

  • Preform (verb)

    To shape something before some other operation.

  • Perform (verb)

    carry out, accomplish, or fulfil (an action, task, or function)

    “I have my duties to perform”

  • Perform (verb)

    work, function, or do something well or to a specified standard

    “the car performs well at low speeds”

    “our £120 million investment in the company is not performing at present”

  • Perform (verb)

    have successful or satisfactory sexual intercourse with someone

    “when I go to bed with any other woman I am quite unable to perform”

  • Perform (verb)

    present (a form of entertainment) to an audience

    “the play has already been performed in Britain”

  • Perform (verb)

    entertain an audience, typically by acting, singing, or dancing on stage

    “the band will be performing live in Hyde Park”

  • Preform (verb)

    form (something) beforehand

    “a preformed pool”

Oxford Dictionary

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