Peckerhead vs. Peckerwood

By Jaxson

  • Peckerwood

    Peckerwood is a term used in the Southern United States for a woodpecker which is also used as a derogatory term for white people, especially poor rural whites. Originally an ethnic slur, the term has been embraced by a subculture related to prison gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs. The term originates in Jive and was in use as an inversion of woodpecker by the 1830s, with the sense referring to white people documented from the 1850s. African-American folklore in the 1920s contrasted the white “peckerwood” bird with the African-American blackbird.

  • Peckerhead (noun)

    A dickhead: an unpleasant, stupid or mean person.

    “I dunno what this peckerhead thinks he’s doin’ but he’s about to fall off that bridge.”

  • Peckerhead (noun)

    An electric motor’s terminal connection or wiring box.

  • Peckerwood (noun)

    A woodpecker.

  • Peckerwood (noun)

    A peckerwood sawmill.

  • Peckerwood (noun)

    A white person, especially a Southerner, or one who is ignorant, rustic, or bigoted.

  • Peckerwood (noun)

    A white (male) inmate, especially one who is racist or who is a member of a race-based prison gang.

  • Peckerhead (noun)

    an aggressive, objectionable person.

  • Peckerwood (noun)

    a white person, especially a poor one

    “another peckerwood with a bad attitude”

    “peckerwood territory”

Oxford Dictionary

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