Patina vs. Verdigris

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Patina and Verdigris is that the Patina is a acquired change of an object’s surface through age and exposure and Verdigris is a green copper-based pigment

  • Patina

    Patina (or ) is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of copper, brass, bronze and similar metals (tarnish produced by oxidation or other chemical processes), or certain stones, and wooden furniture (sheen produced by age, wear, and polishing), or any similar acquired change of a surface through age and exposure.

    Additionally, the term is used to describe the aging of high-quality leather. The patinas on leather goods are unique to the type of leather, frequency of use, and exposure.

    Patinas can provide a protective covering to materials that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion or weathering. They may also be aesthetically appealing.

  • Verdigris

    Verdigris is the common name for a green pigment obtained through the application of acetic acid to copper plates or the natural patina formed when copper, brass or bronze is weathered and exposed to air or seawater over time. It is usually a basic copper carbonate (Cu2CO3(OH)2), but near the sea will be a basic copper chloride (Cu2(OH)3Cl). If acetic acid is present at the time of weathering, it may consist of copper(II) acetate.

  • Patina (noun)

    A paten, flat type of dish

  • Patina (noun)

    The colour or incrustation which age and wear give to (mainly metallic) objects; especially, the green rust which covers works of art such as ancient bronzes, coins and medals.

  • Patina (noun)

    A green colour, tinted with grey, like that of bronze patina.

    “color panel|93C592”

  • Patina (noun)

    A gloss or superficial layer.

  • Patina (adjective)

    Of a green colour, tinted with grey, like that of bronze patina.

  • Verdigris (noun)

    A blue-green patina or rust that forms on copper-containing metals.

  • Verdigris (noun)

    Copper acetate.

  • Verdigris (noun)

    The colour of this patina or material.

    “color panel|43B3AE”

  • Verdigris (verb)

    To cover, or coat, with verdigris.

    “An old verdigrised brass bugle. — Hawthorne.”


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