Parlour vs. Parlor

By Jaxson

  • Parlour

    A parlour (or parlor) is a reception room or public space. In medieval Christian Europe, the “outer parlour” was the room where the monks or nuns conducted business with those outside the monastery and the “inner parlour” was used for necessary conversation between resident members. In the English-speaking world of the 18th and 19th century, having a parlour room was evidence of social status.

  • Parlor

    Parlour (or parlor) is a term used for a variety of different reception rooms and public spaces in different historical periods.

  • Parlour (noun)

    standard spelling of from=British spelling|parlor

  • Parlor (noun)

    The living room of a house, or a room for entertaining guests; a room for talking.

  • Parlor (noun)

    The apartment in a monastery or nunnery where the residents are permitted to meet and converse with each other or with visitors from the outside.

  • Parlor (noun)

    A room for lounging; a sitting-room; a drawing room.

  • Parlor (noun)

    A comfortable room in a public house.

  • Parlor (noun)

    A covered open-air patio.

  • Parlor (noun)

    A shop or other business selling goods specified by context.

  • Parlor (noun)

    A shed used for milking cattle.


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